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Accident Medical Expense

Get the coverage you need to help pay the high out-of-pocket costs following an accident.

Accident Medical Expense (AME) benefit is subject to $250 deductible. Following a covered accidental injury, this plan will help you pay accident-related medical costs and other expenses up to the $10,000 benefit per covered accident per person, regardless of other coverage.

Hospital room and board (up to semi-private room rate)
General nursing care
Laboratory tests
Prescription drugs
Therapeutic services and supplies
Hospital emergency care
Doctor‘s visits (inpatient & outpatient)
Dental treatment for injury to sound natural teeth
Hospital miscellaneous expenses during a hospital confinement or outpatient surgery under general anestheticl

AME Benefit Features:

  • Pays covered expenses up to $10,000 following a Covered Accident
  • No limits on the number of covered accidents
  • Use the cash benefit any way you want to
  • No waiting period applies
  • No reduction in benefit for any obtained age

The following rates apply for coverge underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company as part of your membership in the Evolution Benefits Association; $10,000 Group Accident Only: MedElite: Individual =$7.51, Individual + Children= $10.40, Individual + Spouse = $13.28, Family = $19.04. MedElite PLUS: Individual =$26.07, Individual + Children = $32.67, Individual + Spouse = $50.40, Family = $59.88. See disclaimers and disclosures for more details.

*See Disclosures and Terms

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$10,000 Benefit Level