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California Consumer Privacy Rights Form

Evolution Benefits Association values your privacy and believes in your right to make decisions about your personal data as permitted by applicable laws. If you are a California resident and you believe a Evolution Benefits Association entity collects, maintains, or otherwise processes your personal information, you may submit a consumer rights request under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Please note that Evolution Benefits Association entities may act either as “businesses” or as “service providers” under the CCPA with respect to your information and our response to your request may differ depending on our relationship with you, as contemplated by the CCPA.

In our role as an insurance broker or agent, we act as a service provider on behalf of our clients and insurance carriers. To this end, if not stated otherwise in this section or in a separate disclosure, we process your CCPA Covered Personal Information in the role of a service provider (as defined by the CCPA) on behalf of a customer (and/or its affiliates) or an insurance carrier who is the responsible business (as defined by the CCPA) for your CCPA Covered Personal Information. When acting as a service provider, we will only collect, use, and otherwise process your CCPA Covered Personal Information as directed by our customers and as otherwise permitted by the CCPA and applicable law. If your data has been submitted to us by you, and you wish to exercise your consumer rights under the CCPA, please direct your request to the insurance carrier (business) who placed insurance coverage for you. If your data has been submitted to us on behalf of a commercial customer and you wish to exercise any CCPA consumer rights you may have under applicable data protection laws because you are or were employed by that commercial customer, please direct your requests to exercise any rights to the applicable commercial customer directly. If you submit your request directly to us, consistent with the CCPA, we will inform you that you should submit the request directly to the commercial customer or insurance carrier on whose behalf we process the information; where feasible, we will provide you with contact information for that business.

Also, please note that none of Evolution Benefits Association entities “sell” personal information or “discriminate” against consumers, as those terms are defined in the CCPA. Should that ever change, we will let you know by changing this notice.

To make a request related to your data, please complete the form below to help us properly identify and action your request, and our support team will respond to your request promptly.

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